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spell it out backwards dumbass!
Your a FUCKING sinep
by Bob December 07, 2003
A long time ago, an old religious leader with the last name of Sinep preached about the well being of human kind. Trust one another, peace over violence, and to treat one as you would like to be treated. He was a great man, Lord Sinep he was. He did a great many things to push forward the success of mankind

The great prophet Ron Jeremy declared that the soul of Lord Sinep will be set forth upon mankind and be found, and declared the Lord Sinep of his time.
and its penis backwards
I get on my knees every night and pray to Sinep.
by austin jake September 26, 2006
Mustard in Icelandic, also... penis backwards.
I love to put sinep on my hotdogs.
by Arnarson March 24, 2009
A foreign word for some sort of condiment; probably mustard from the looks on the bottle.

Also, penis backwards.
"Hey, I imported a bottle of mustard, it says sinep on it..."
"Heh, silly foreigners, putting the word 'penis' backwards on mustard..."
by Golbeeez June 13, 2006
The word "penis" backwards, pronounced "sin-eep". Is often fun to use in voice recording programs. When played backwards, this recording can scare small children. Saying the word "sinep" three times around any woman will cause them to fall mouth-first onto your cock.
Your fat fucking face looks like it's had too much sinep in it.
Penis spelled backwards.

AKA a vagina.
He has a wide sinep.
by Fabio Fobbs January 19, 2012
Penis backwords

Mrs. Pino is such a sinep!
by Freetos October 30, 2009
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