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The penalty box in hockey or roller derby
He got sent to the sin bin for that elbow to the head
by Woody Thomas January 07, 2006
Australian slang for a panel van, fitted out with the minimum of a mattress (but often quite elaborately decked out) and primarily used with the aim of using it to perform horizontal folk dancing in. "If it's rockin', don't bother knockin'" sums up the leitmotif of the sin bin owner very neatly.
An appropriate bumper sticker on a panno used a sin bin would be "if it's rockin', don't bother knockin'!"
by Bag O'Turnips April 08, 2008
noun: jail, jail cell, prison
I got a little wrecked last night and yelled at a cop for taking my parking space. Oops, double whammy. He threw me straight into the sin bin!
by pposh November 28, 2010
The container, usually the top drawer of a night stand, that contains ones sexual belongings such as condoms, lube, toys etc.
having failed picking anyone up at the bar, Laura reached in to her sin bin to find her man substitute.
by RyanPiezo February 23, 2009
Informal Noun: An off-court/off-pitch area used during certain sporting events as a disciplinary measure against players in breech of the game's rules.
A) Did you see that tackle Freidrich just put on Tibby?
B) Yes, that was out of order...looks like the ref agrees, he's just sent him to the sin-bin for it.
by MKW December 30, 2005
Stands for:

All that red tape? It's definitely a case of SINBIN
by deathproof September 07, 2010
The confessional, in Roman Catholicism.
I shouldn't have done that with you, but one trip to the SIN BIN and I'm forgiven. So let's do it again!
by rewinn November 11, 2010
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