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5 definitions by rewinn

The pleasure of complaining about being persecuted, when practiced by people who aren't actually being persecuted.
In an orgy of martyrbation, the fundamentalists complained that they were being persecuted for not being allowed to use tax dollars to promote their brand of religion.
by rewinn December 16, 2011
97 5
A total disaster; a sudden event resulting in a complete change of fortunate among rivals, involving immense loss on one side and the total triumph of the other, often involving a carefully planned betrayal and brutal bloodletting. Based upon the "Red Wedding" event in "Game of Thrones".
Microsoft's 2013 reorganization was a complete red wedding, with engineers playing the Lannisters triumphant over their organizational rivals.
by rewinn July 12, 2013
50 2
The worship of guns; a modern religion based on buying, owning, carrying and shooting large numbers of firearms in situations where they are not really necessary.
Gundamentalism promises to free you from the meaninglessness of everyday life by letting you stroke long hard objects and make loud noises while fantasizing about killing your enemies.
by rewinn August 18, 2013
39 0
Dropping a huge load of Completely Ridiculous And Preposterous arguments into a debate, intending to overwhelm facts, reason and reality itself with large, destructive noise.
Climate change deniers respond to every IPCC report by crapetbombing media with tons of debunked theories, inane speculation, irrelevant snippets from ancient email, and the contents of their chamber pots.
by rewinn September 26, 2013
17 0
The confessional, in Roman Catholicism.
I shouldn't have done that with you, but one trip to the SIN BIN and I'm forgiven. So let's do it again!
by rewinn November 11, 2010
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