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sim·u·neer s, im ūˈni(ə)r/ verb gerund or present participle: simuneering 1. design and implement (such as a concept or technology) for the purpose of reflecting reality a in simulated-reality setting. "Simuneer" is fused from the words “simulation” and “engineering”. Simuneering is what simulation gurus do when they use their collective imaginations and experience in the simulation & scenario realm to engineer something tangible, useable, and innovative in the training & education world. To that end, when simulation gurus simuneer a solution they harness their rocket-scientist mathematical conjuring skills, unparalleled materials expertise, expert craftsman powers, and immeasurable scientific abilities, the cost of which was any societal maneuvering or intercommunicating skills, and create innovative outside-of-the-box unbelievably realistic training adjuncts and situations.
Sally and Sam simuneered a scenario so complete that even the observing professor's heart rate went ballistic.
by Simu Guru Sting October 31, 2013

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