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very, very, very funny guy from england, co-hosts the best program ever popworld, he is cooler than you and wears transformer jumpers etc.
oh look popworlds on
by secret person. March 31, 2005
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A British comedian known best as a co-host of Popworld and probably the best host of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. He also does stand-up shows and released a DVD called 'Do Nothing'. He's witty, funny, sharp, Jewish, gay and has adorable hair. When you look at him, you want to kiss him and wrestle him at the same time.
- Never Mind the Buzzcocks is shit without Simon.
- I know, nobody can replace him.

A good joke is a joke that needs a disclaimer, like Simon Amstell's joke about Courtney Love.
by Clockwork March 07, 2012
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