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pop music orientated program on channel four in britain. claims to like pop music and promote it but ridicules and parodies it very subtly. the genius of the show is Simon, whose sense of humour is unparalleled. Once gave notoriously homophobic rapper The Game a banana with his phone number on it during an interview. Gave Lemar an interview from afar.
Joined by Mequita Oliver, a unqualified lass whose parents got her the job after she wasted much of her childhood and teen years at various house parties fucked on class a drugs. Evidence of prolonged and continued use of these drugs is in the programme, notice how she mostly just giggles and falls about. Classic sunday morning TV at its VERY VERY best.
PopWorld is postmodern television par excellence.
by foetal March 27, 2005
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Rude and uncompromising, Simon. Easy on the eye and a great straight man for the comic one, Miquita. Unfortunately they won't spawn a sequel, without either would mean the end. Some not mainstream pop news and views done with humour and enough disdain (after all it is not important, is it?) Popworld now on Saturday morning, it is worth getting up.
Top of the Pops The Chart Show Popworld now on Saturday morning
by LewCoors October 08, 2005
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