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4 definitions by Clockwork

pulling the penis upward (while in missionary position) when its only about 1/3rd in, opening the vagina length wise.
last night when i was fucking this chick i crowbarred her and pushed two fingers in under my dick
by clockwork May 28, 2003
45 37
A British comedian known best as a co-host of Popworld and probably the best host of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. He also does stand-up shows and released a DVD called 'Do Nothing'. He's witty, funny, sharp, Jewish, gay and has adorable hair. When you look at him, you want to kiss him and wrestle him at the same time.
- Never Mind the Buzzcocks is shit without Simon.
- I know, nobody can replace him.

A good joke is a joke that needs a disclaimer, like Simon Amstell's joke about Courtney Love.
by Clockwork March 07, 2012
8 1
A language used by Hackers,Crackers,Gamers and script kiddies alike. It's popular everywhere on the internet and you can't turn your back without seeing someone typing in l337

1 4/\/\ 73|-| l337 |-|4x0|2z
by clockwork May 17, 2003
33 33
something you call someone who talks like they are on a reality show - letting you know everything about them when you really dont care.
hi my names catherine, my familys irish so they have irish accents and jono was over for dinner and they kept talking and he was like "are you guys irish" and im like of course! oh i lived outside of ottawa for 3 years in a town of 100 people it was terrible, i had to leave...
by clockwork February 16, 2004
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