Indian for "boring as shit".

Bro 1: Hey, let's go down to Simi Valley for some skate.

Bro 2: Simi Valley!? That place is boring as shit!


Me in Science class: Dammit! This class is fucking SIMI!!
by Jablo May 06, 2009
Top Definition
HOT SKANK. she is mysterious and exotic and leavees all the boys wanting it. shes a pro at throwin stuff in da airr but can hit da books too. shes every boyss fantasy grl and knows how to get a guy going. shes a pro at everything she does. in definition she is everything a guy needss but shes an undercover grl and you woudnt know unless you got to know her. shes rare and if she gives you a chanace consider it a blessing.
If only i could get with simi i would know what it is to really live.
by johnn gray June 17, 2008
the sexiest bitch in the world
"wow have u seen that chick"- guy 1
"yeah..shes simi"-guy2
"shes fineee"-guy3
by Tanya X December 20, 2008
someone who is weird on many different levels, smokes tons of weed, is often confused, doesn't believe in haircuts or any form of "unnatural grooming", mumbles incoherently, and can often be spotted outside your local 7-11...just sitting.
shit that simi needs to lay off the ganja and get a haircut
by everybody loves a cracka December 15, 2004
a hokkien term for the question 'what'.
'simi dai ji (what is your problem), make so much noise'
by chl May 31, 2005
Giving some one you don't know a handjob, as soon as you meet them.
Guy 1-'hey what did you do with that girl?'
guy 2- 'i got a Simi.'
Guy 1 - 'niceee'
by Kris Tay April 15, 2010
A boss or manager who repeatedly changes schedules two days after theyre posted, then doesnt call to tell you that you dont have to wake up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning because you dont have to work.
Co-worker 1: Hey, I thought you had to work today.
Co-worker 2: I did, but Simi changed the schedule again and didnt tell me.
by Steve Messewitz February 09, 2008
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