(military) armor-piercing shell made from depleted uranium, so called for its almost magical accuracy and lethality
The diaperheads tried to counterattack with tanks north of Um Qasr. Several of Bravo Troop's tanks were on the crest of a hill and one got five confirmed kills at ranges of over three thousand meters. Even at that range, a silver bullet goes through a T-62's glacis plate like it's not even there.
by Dick Hertz May 08, 2003
a condom for fuckin chicks ur not too sure about. generally the double thick lifestyles with the nipple tip and spermicide inside and out.

cuzin, that chick is hot but she shady as fuck. gotta use a silver bullet on this one...

dam, she got 2 kids already, better grab a silver bullet so she wont have a 3rd. not on my watch.
by sp.d.gr8 December 01, 2007
A sex toy lurking in the drawer of mother goose, which was found and exploited one day and baby goose got a face full.
They shoved silver bullet in Ryans face after they found it in his moms drawer.
by Rick James April 14, 2004
Peugeot's 206 rally car. Named as such because of their insane speed when driving flat-out and silver livery.
Peugeot is to rally as Ferrari is to F1.
by MoonKnight November 24, 2002
Pushing a can of Coors light into a females vagina. Pouring a half can of Coors light into her vagina and the rest in her ass and have her fart the foamy remains all over your cock while you fuck her. (Please note: you choose which end.)
My bitch took the silver bullet last night.
by ifucksluts March 29, 2008
An insult to describe a person who is addicted to coffee and is extremely out of shape. They have horrible bladder control and go to the toilet every half hour. They also like getting in fights, preferably with people of Lebanese origin
Andy: Be right back guys, I'm gonna make a cuppa
MaFox: wtf man, that's your 3rd one
Andy: And go to the toilet
MaFox: Aw ya fucking silver bullet!
by MaFox May 23, 2008
Euphemism for a cum shot.
She took two silver bullets to the face, and one in the throat.
by Eiden July 25, 2004

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