Top Definition
something ridiculous. acting ridiculous or crazy.
She looked silv the way she was dancing at the club last night.

Shorty was acting silv yesterday.

Stop acting so silv.
by J. and Cope October 21, 2007
It's a word, used lightly mostly in conjunction to a part of the anatomy which means loosly-translated "I'll fornicate with your"+end of word
"Back up, I'll Silvanus"
"Watch out bro, silvear!"
by Silvanus August 12, 2007
IRC user most commonly stapled to things
* moros staples Silv to the floor
by moros March 25, 2004
IRC user FIRST stapled by Bats
*Bats staples Silv to a tree
by Bats March 29, 2004
SW irc fo0!
* Silv has joined #TGI
by Silv March 25, 2004
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