Alternate Spellings Include: Psych(e), Syke.

To retract or nullify a previous statement; Just Kidding.
Ross: Are you really lending me that £1000 for my Nanny Olive's hip operation?!
'Beckah: Yeah... SIKE! JUST KIDDING!
by RJBierczak August 25, 2009
it means, "just kidding." many spell it incorrectly as "psych" or "psyche" but if you were alive in the 70s you know it is spelled "sike."
Sure I'll sleep with you, Aaron. Sike!
by wwew June 10, 2009
The Sike is a way of life, culture and religion. Upheld by the legendary lacrosse team called the Sikeouts, Siking is a very hard skill to master, causing some people to hate on the Sike. Siking is dangerous when used in the right way as it can lead to people having their feelings hurt or have their soul siked out of them. Discretion is advised.
Sikeout: Squank your sooo hotttt
Squank: Really? (:
Squank: *Covers face with Squank Grease*

Double Whammys: Will you hookup with us ? (:
Sikeout: SIIIIKKKKKEEEE, I ain't getting Garcia's Sloppy's
Double Whammys: STFU
by Sikeout April 24, 2011
Referring to production of fake/counterfeit nike shoes and other apparel.
Man those are some dope shoes, too bad there sike's.
by Phresh&Clean May 30, 2009
I think the correct spelling for this is

PSYCH! referring to psychology....
your mother wears army boots. PSYCH!
by adrien coblentz March 04, 2005
1. a term used to say to someone that expects something, but reality is much different
a. often followed up with the word "bitch"
b. used in a dissing manner

Mom: Son, can you pass the peas?
Son: Sike bitch!


(playing madden John vs. Mike)
John: Oh! I'm stopping him in the backfield!
(Ladanian Tomlinson breaks free for a touchdown)
Mike: Sike bitch!
by unforgivable17 January 01, 2008
Slang term for "psych" or "psyched out" meaning to have given an insult, usually delivered in a beleivable fashion.
Your mum screwed Steve Perry, sike!
by (r33py September 25, 2003

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