Don't think that spending five seconds finding out how to pronounce 'Sigur Rós' is too good for the American media, it's much easier to just sound like an ignorant testicle head and say it how it's written than it is to take an intelligent guess and know that it's probably not 'si-Gur roS,' but some Icelandic alternative, such as the correct 'see-ur rose.'
"Sigur Rós's music is atmospheric and inspiring"

"How the sod would you know, you can't even pronounce their name properly. Try going away and listening to Ágætis Byrjun more than the one quick listen in your Mercedes on the way to your studio, and come back when you have something better to say."
by A Fan July 28, 2004
best 'rock' band in the world, better than radiohead
"Radiohead? Shite, Sigur Ros are much better"
by Woody January 19, 2003
Beautiful.....ever felt your heart cry with listen to these.
you tell me ....... i cant give one.................
by wrathsthirdeye March 21, 2005

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