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3 definitions by Howey

n. A rowing machine. The ultimate torture machine used to simulate rowing with a sliding seat.
v. to use an erg.
Concept II makes ergs.
I will erg a 6.
by Howey October 11, 2003
450 115
An Icelandic rock band. Most of the music is very smooth and contains electronic music components. Its pronounced "See-yor roce"
Sigur Ros is very relaxing yet energizing.
by Howey January 27, 2006
153 29
(1) An operating system created and used by literate people with functioning brains.
(2) An operating system subject to bashing by people who dont fit in the above category.
Wow, Doom 3 Alpha runs even faster on my Linux box! What? You're rebooting your XP machine to install the game? Oh thats a shame...
by howey July 03, 2003
164 88