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Mostly used and originated in Southern Africa. Used to signyfy something that is disguisting, putrid or grosse.
1) Crap is siff.
2) The vagrant smells siff
by Ru March 09, 2005
A word originating in South Africa. Mostly used by young people to describe something that is repulsing, disgusting, gross, revolting, etc.
"Dude, I was walking in the park and I stepped in some runny dog poo, it was so siff!"
"How can you date that girl?! She is so siff!"
"Don't pick you nose dude, it's freaking siff!"
by Boeremuisie July 09, 2013
Probably derived from the word syphilis, which is a venereal disease. Was probably first used in the military to describe anything not clean enough, such as a soldier whose hygiene was not up to scratch, or barracks which was not on inspection standard.
Jeez, that guy is a siffseun (siff boy)!

Troops! These Barracks are siff! (Normally followed by serious punishment exercises).
by Dirkltjie April 09, 2015
background as far as i know is from Australia, possily S.A.

meaning of siff is: "as if"
"siff like slipknot"
"siff be a gay Brenny"(look up brenny)
by poopooman March 20, 2005
Secret Internet Fatty Fat
Beccaboo is a SIFF.

That girl is a SIFF.
by AllieMae June 19, 2007

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