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A perth rap group that thug the streets, they represet the westside. Word has it that Murder Inc. are looking to sign these guys up.
SWS Kill like a switchblade, they cut then they cut even more.
by Ja Fool March 03, 2004
Hip hop band from Perth, Australia. Mainly known for not rapping about barbeques and being aussie like all other aussie hip hoppers
SWS dont rap about barbeques, only about fucking the dead.
by franklin February 16, 2004
the only good thing to come out of perth
Mouthful of Scalpels
by experiMENTAL April 27, 2004
Tha illest of the illest. Dawg. Hip Hop group from Perth, Aus.
Yo man Sidewalk Spittaz are the shit
by liL niNja February 14, 2004