when someone dances put left foot to right and back right foot to left and back
why is the dick head side stepping on the dance floor to rave music KNOB HEAD
by marie August 22, 2003
Top Definition
sidestepping is a car racing term. This term only applies to cars with manual transmissions. The slightest edge of the left foot will be on the clutch and the clutch pedal will be all the way down to the floor, so when the car is ready to launch from standstill, the driver will simply move his toe and pop the clutch.
did u see how fast he took off the line?
he must of been sidestepping.
by aaton January 27, 2008
when memembers of the female sex take off their shirts and walk sideways for a line of boys while standing at an arch. This usually turns into a competion. the male memembers decide who does it the best. BIG MISTAKE.
To win his effection, I particpated in a sidestepping competion.
by I know anything and everything January 02, 2006
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