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The act that happens from "spooning". Sex in the spoon position. Very good for cold climates;where blankets are are a must. Very Intimate; no partner is on top of another.
We went to bed, and I cuddled her like a spoon. Soon enough we were aroused and we fornicated "Sidesaddle".
by Al Higdon December 24, 2005

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When a guy's pants are so tight you can see which side the boys are sitting.
Oh wow. Check out Mark's side saddle. Crystal's one lucky girl!
by Djinn November 01, 2006
Leaving a turd beside the seat of the toilet.
He left a side saddle at that bitches house
by kobiek June 06, 2010
A method of hitting on an elderly woman, but can appropriately be applied to all ages in equestrian circles. Used correctly, it implies an ambiguous but unequivocally certain sexual act.
-"Hey Donna, did you get a new wheelchair? Maybe we can try it out side saddle later *wink wink*"
by PT four Life December 27, 2009
An awkward or unorthodox method of sitting in a chair due to one's hemmerhoids flaring up.
Adam sits side saddle while typing at work
by Bakar April 25, 2004