A sidebuster could also mean someone who is fake or phony portraying to be cool.
that fool joe is a sidebuster.
by shawn Roberts January 15, 2008
Top Definition
somebody who always tries to include themself in a conversation.
that fool joe is a sidebuster.
by fotweny November 09, 2004
a sexual technique wherein the male has sex with the female while both are lying on their sides.
Origin - Came to be popularly known because of a prophet named Harrison. After seeing a bunkbed with a remarkably low ceiling while apartment hunting, he remarked "Wow, I'd have to hit sidebusters if we lived here."
"I was tired of standing up, so I decided to hit sidebusters for a while."
by A-Trane Hough February 11, 2005
Someone who decides to enter a conversation already in progress in which he/she was not a part of. Normally the person comes out of no where.
Jamie to Mindi: "I hate boys they smell"
Mindi: I agree they really..."
rudely interrupted by stranger
Stranger "You know not all of us smell you"

Mindi and Jamie: "SIDE BUSTER"

No one was fucking talk to you stop side busting douche bag.
by j dizzle jenkins February 10, 2009
Someone who rudely interupts a conversation by adding their unwanted two-cents.
Bob: "yo johnny do you know where i can score some dope?"
Random Side Buster: "crack is wack."
Johnny: "listen bitch, ain't nobody ask for your opinion. Take your side buster ass somewhere else."
by straightupGsince1989 December 07, 2008
Someone who in gets in to other peoples conversations without being directly acknowledged or asked for an interjection of some sort.
I'm about to smack the shit out of this Sidebuster!
by Mudd Shark September 12, 2007
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