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Pertaining to graffiti, when a toy hits a wall that has already been burned by an established writer, to make it look like they know each other, in an attempt to gain some credibility
If you sidebust, you just might get your ass beat.
by Take1 March 04, 2007
The act of interrupting a conversation that a party was not originally apart of.
Ken: So I was watching Bloodsport the other day
Truman: Really who starred in that?
Ken: I forget
Matt: Well actually it was originally supposed to star burt reynolds but it ended up being Van Damme
Ken: random as hell sidebust!
by Call'em like I see'em September 18, 2006
When playing an online shooting game, it is the act of killing someone who is distracted by being already engaged by another opponent. It is often used for killing an opponent of superior skill, or to steal kills from other players.
ie: Two players are fighting 1 on 1 in a game, and some Gmoney comes flying in from behind and sidebusts the one guy from behind, stealing the kill.
by AbandonAllHope June 19, 2012
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