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When a jerk-off cop tries rousting you, and you approach him the wrong way. Usually, the officer thinks you are trying to "advance" on him or his weapon.
Buddy, I will shoot you in the face if you side step me again. Keep your goddamn hands up!
by Drucifer January 24, 2005
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Sidestepping is most commonly used in video games as another way of saying dodging. To sidestep you would simply just have to ''dodge'' any visuals with a negative impact. ( Visuals in this sentence would be stuff like magic, fire, traps, hammers and swords, etc. ) When sidestepping the only thing you do is walking or running. Roll, jump, duck, etc, yeah... none of them counts as sidesteps.

Side note: Sidestepping is a very advanced move depending on the game you are playing, it can require a lot of skills to pull it off in some games.
''Dude, this guy hits me with every spell.''
''If you don't wanna get hit, sidestep it.''
''Easier said than done...''
by MMBK October 22, 2016
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To avoid answering a question, which is mean of that person.
Janet sidestepped my question, therefore, she's mean, but that's ok since she's hot as hell.
by djmatty December 18, 2005
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the sidestep :

this is an awesome yet common move. the side-step happens when you cant wait to fuck a broad and you pull that g string to side with your finger and slide your dick in.
do you remember that broad at the bar with the skirt on? well i totally side-stepped her on top of my car.
by house red August 03, 2010
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