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When a jerk-off cop tries rousting you, and you approach him the wrong way. Usually, the officer thinks you are trying to "advance" on him or his weapon.
Buddy, I will shoot you in the face if you side step me again. Keep your goddamn hands up!
by Drucifer January 24, 2005
To avoid answering a question, which is mean of that person.
Janet sidestepped my question, therefore, she's mean, but that's ok since she's hot as hell.
by djmatty December 18, 2005
the sidestep :

this is an awesome yet common move. the side-step happens when you cant wait to fuck a broad and you pull that g string to side with your finger and slide your dick in.
do you remember that broad at the bar with the skirt on? well i totally side-stepped her on top of my car.
by house red August 03, 2010