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Slabs of meat taken specifically from the sides of a pig, practically a staple in the deep south. May be smoked and cured, in which case it becomes known as bacon, or salted, in which case it is known as salt pork. Sometimes referred to as "side pork," as well, it is an indispensable ingredient for the southern dish of boiled greens.

"Side meat" was mentioned numerous times in John Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath," a story of an Oklahoma family who left home during the Dustbowl years to work in the fruit picking industry in California.
Fry up that side meat, ma - I'm starvin'!
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006
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When a girl is laying topless on her stomach and her breasts are squeezing out the side of her torso
My girlfriend was laying prone, and her sidemeat was against my arm so I got excited and jumped on her.
by Scoot. August 07, 2007
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It means like the person that someone has on the side not including his or her girlfriend or boyfriend.
I text my friend really late at night. Just to see what was going on. Her boyfriend then asked if I was her "Side Meat".
by Kara Leah February 15, 2009
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Any side dishes consisting of, or containing meat,that one would order alongside another main dish, from a location that doesn't necessarily specialize in said dish.

Ordering chicken wings, for example, from a pizza place, or chicken strips from a sub shop.

Friend #1"You guys want some pizza??"

Friend #2"Sure, but can we get some side meat with it??"

Friend #1"Ok, sounds like a plan,"
by Igor V. December 13, 2007
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"Side meat" is the charred (and extra flavorful) bits of meat that often fall off the sides of burgers, steaks, chicken breasts and roasted turkey. Side meat may "accidentally" make its way onto ravenous non meat-eaters' plates, where it is "accidentally" consumed amidst heaping forkfuls of quinoa and kale. Caution: excessive consumption of side meat may lead to lapsing of vegetarianism.
Vegetarian: "Oh no! I accidentally got a bite of your prime rib in with my sesame kale!"
Other person: "Stop stealing bites of side meat and just admit you like steak!"
by Dr. Evil 518 July 24, 2012
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