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A male individual who is consumed by the idea of being the actual significant other of a female, but in reality is just the service man to her sexual needs.
Female: OMG, Vicky I was just with my sidenigga, he was just what I needed right after my date with Anthony!

Friend: OMG, your slut!
by SIDENIGGA April 10, 2014
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a male who is in a limited relationship with someone. The relation ship may involve feelings and spending time together but it is sacred and the lady may already be in a committed and known relationship.
I spend holidays with my man, but the weekends with my side nigga.
by theMistress November 16, 2014
A man that has either been friend zoned or is trying his hardest to get into a girls pants even though he knows she is into someone else. He will do a specific activity with her all the time but has very little Chance of becoming her man.
Yo, that chick be angry at her side nigga cuz he wouldn't shop with her and she be giving her main nigga problems
by Zoomonster February 04, 2014

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