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Code Arabic name for black-market alcohol distilled from fermented sugar water. Often fermented in stills made from used propane cylinders according to specifications given on the "Blue Flame" - the authoritative document on alcohol manufacture from Saudi Arabia. Life-blood of expats in Saudi Arabia. Normally distilled to 90%+ alcohol content and bottled in used water bottles to avoid detection. Colorless, relatively tasteless, good with tonic and lime. Also means "friend" in Arabic. Also shortened to "Sid".
Hey - got some siddique for $100 rats a liter.
Tom got caught selling siddique and got thrown in the clink for 3 months.
Did you hear about the house in Al-Dharhan that blew up - word was it was a major Sid distillery.
You never get a hangover from Siddique. It's run three times - purer than most commercial alcohols.
Make sure you cut that Sid at least three parts with water - it's fire.
Carmen grabbed the wrong bottle from the fridge and took a big swig of uncut Siddique - she almost blew cookies
Got any Sid for the Jubail Hash run this Saturday?
by JHHHCenturian September 21, 2006