A propaganda film by Michael Moore that tries to show how bad the American health care system is though slander and exaggerations.
Sicko uses rare cases and implies that that is the norm.
by Davis Finch June 29, 2007
a strange girl who enjoys babysitting and going to one stop.
o look there goes a sicko.
by chipinda December 08, 2005
a jockey of venezuelan descent
did you see that jockey from venezuela that kid's a sick, he's a sicko, well give me three to one on that skinny little nigga
by mr greer May 13, 2006
datttttt mans a siko!!!
by khalid October 12, 2003
A sicko Is the name given to another person when said person is respectable by other sicko's. A typical sicko has a quiff,wears air Max's,tracksuit tops,skin tight bottoms (be it tracksuit or jeans)& has ear piercings. In photos they will only pout and use different hand gestures. Sickos generally look up to other sickos such as Ronaldo,Neymar and members of one direction.
Sicko: Ronaldo is a pure sicko.
You: What is wrong with you?
by Lumbar shelf December 17, 2014

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