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6 definitions by Ninde

To fart, to cut the cheese, to break wind, etc.
EEW! You just crepitated in my face!!!
by Ninde February 08, 2005
A mix between "hysterical" and "hilarious"
Something that is VERY FUNNY.
"Adam Sandler is so hysterious!"
by Ninde February 21, 2005
Hello. It's what Leeloo says as a greeting to Korben in The Fifth Element.
Rrrrring!!! Rrrrring!!! *picks up the phone* "Beepolai?"
by Ninde May 03, 2004
A combination of "sick" and "wicked".
Person 1: I'm watching a fat guy wearing a thong do the Chicken Dance on national television!
Person 2: That is so totally sicked.
by Ninde February 21, 2005

An award for being the most boring. Like a Golden Globe, only much less entertaining.

So named for the anonymous little kid we've all seen who picks their nose when faced with a situation of sheer boredom.
"That history lecture deserved a Golden Booger."
by ninde January 15, 2008
A really lazy, messy, disgusting gross person. A combination of bum and slob.
Samantha, look at our room. You left your dirty laundry EVERYWHERE, you disgusting bumslob!
by Ninde February 18, 2005