super excited
We were siced to hear that school would be cancelled for a week.
by alejandra March 14, 2003
Top Definition
Means to be excited. Originated from D.C.
Son, he was siced about dat party
by Dangerous Mc February 05, 2010
1) excited, happy
2) exagerating
3) add excitment or style
1) i was so siced i had a pre- mature ejaculation
2) the witness siced it up so he got 15 to life
3) do you want me to sice you with that girl
by Tical January 26, 2004
Some fucking retard spelled siked wrong and now people use siced to describe a feeling of excitement, anticipation, or happiness.
I'm soooo siced for Friday's party!!!
by goodgirlgonebad August 31, 2009
A dumb ass way to say some dumb shit
"Yo tom ! How siced are you for this weekend?"
"Honestly, shut your fucking mouth. WTF is siced?"
by yaboitwan July 24, 2016
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