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to over exaggerate: Used in DC Slang
“Tamika not even that tight Isaac Ji Siced her."
by hoffa April 29, 2006
Sice(d) has many different uses.

1. (adj.) excited

2. (adj., usually used with on) obsessed over

3. (verb) to exaggerate

4. (verb) to praise

5. (verb) to cosign after an insult

6. (noun, rarely used) the act of cosigning after an insult
1. I'm so siced for the football game tomorrow!

2. Nobody even fights in that action movie! Why has everyone been siced on it all week?

3. Joe siced that party; it turns out it was for four-year-olds.

4. I've heard a lot about that new singer. Everyone's been sicin' her CD.

5. Person A: Your mom!
Person C: Why you sicin' it?

6. Please be quiet, nobody needs your sicin'.
by RangerD November 11, 2007
to be excited, to be happy. Primarily used in the DC/MD area.
I went to da club today, they had sum sexy ass ladies and I was so siced!
by OblivionEssence August 02, 2007
to fully express ones happiness; pressed
commonly used in the DC MD & VA area (DMV)
Jonte': Son, I finally got da bop from ya gurl Shaniquiyah!

Darrell: Damn mane. I would be siced too. She is da best bopper round here.

Jonte': True...true.
by Rhandum Kiid August 12, 2008
Verb: Sice is like slice, except for it's sice. Often yelled while playing Call of Duty and using the melee attack to kill an opposing player.

Adjective: used to display great excitment or approval of nearly uncontainable joy.

Related words: throwing sice, shooting sice
Guy #1 kills opposing Call of Duty player with knife attack
Guy #2: Sice!
Guy #1: What does sice mean?
Guy #2: Sice is like slice except for its sice!

Mon, I had Marathon, Lightweight and Commando on and I was sicing guys all night!
by Chemzilla October 26, 2010
To conduct a knife attack on an opponent or team mate while playing Call Of Duty.

When your opponent dies from a knife attack you would scream "SICE" into the headset so you team mates would know.

Throwing knives are also sice-worthy.
"Yo guy, I'm about to sice the sniper camping at the top of the hill". as I walk over to his position, i maneuver my way behind him and then, "SICE" !!!
by Modern Warfare 2 player October 25, 2010
To hit or combust upon an object or somebody with supreme force.
My friend siced that guy so hard that his nose fell off.
I siced that blunt up, let's smoke it quick.
by Henry Lebard April 16, 2006
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