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1- A hero in Iranian literature who is famous for his chastity. It also means the owner of a black hours.
For the full story of siavash in poem refer to the Ferdosi's Shahnameh.
by Siavash.H September 05, 2005
A conman Iranian name. Usually refers to someone who is very experienced in bed with women.
I was so good last night with my wife, it was like i was Siavash
by Big Siv October 24, 2009
A warrior of godlike stature and flawless beauty.
In persian mythology, he is the symbol of innocence and purity; two very rare concepts in today's world. He gave his life for his father's sin.
One way to use the word is if you meet a guy who'se just the man: he's good-looking, personable, honest, and very masculine, you ask him: excuse me, is your name Siavash by any chance?
by Vash12345 February 12, 2008
a relly nice guy
usually not gay
and usally likes males and females
siavash is awsome
o'shit he pulled a siavash
by siavashisawsome November 07, 2008
a guy who like to spend time with both males and females in bed and gets plessure by doing so. a siavash is someone who resembles a pile of shit rotting on the floor. Someone in love with teachers such as dessens, chapman or other teachers of hell
hey man you just pulled a siavash
by Jeemz April 18, 2004