weed thats laced in salvia extract. Often taken through a bong hit.
Jake: So whats in the bowl?
Lance: Shweed
Jake: Weed?
Lance: No, Shweed
Jake: ...
Lance: ...
Jake: Can I hit that?
by Jake Summers January 18, 2006
Top Definition
sheesha (also known as hooka) with a some good weed generously sprinkled on top, preferable kush or white widow. Smoked for some sublime chill times.
Pri: duuuuude i really want some shweed tonight
Gwyn: K, what flavor sheesha you want? Double apple?

Pri: I don't care man, i just wanna use my white widow in a delicious way tonight.
by PriG November 11, 2010
A combination of marijuana and shisha tobacco, smoked out of a hookah/shisha.
Yo, let's go spark a coal on that shweeds dank!
by McBrizzle March 26, 2008
It's that brown seedy shit that niggas be smokin wen they broke.
"Zac slang them shweeds out of Gary's lac when they was swangin sippin on that oil."
by Dishblasta August 04, 2006
The smell after deficating in the toilet while smoking.

The smell left after a shmit.
The shweed over powered the smell of the litter box.
by sexy j pussy October 25, 2008
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