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The male reproductive organ. Also see penis
OH, i fractured my shwang last night
by coricaman November 22, 2006
62 38
Another word for sweet, sick, cool, rad...
Girl 1: Girl, I can come to the party
Girl 2: Shwang! See you soon!
by veronicalovin August 30, 2009
35 11
anything u want it to be
i've got a huge SHWANG
SHWANG could be dick, foot, hand, left nut, or even girlfriend
by Waterboy Clingan November 03, 2006
30 22
the act of thrusting ones pelvis.
look at jenna over there, shes really shwanging.
by sufghsod9fg March 17, 2008
16 11
Anything with a positive vibe can be considered 'shwang'. It's arguably the most versatile word ever to come into existence.
Damn, you hear that new RZO song that just came out? It's pretty shwang if you ask me.
by DJ O'Hairy April 08, 2012
1 1
a word worth yelling after something good, bad (if used sarcastically), or hillarious happens
-"D00d, look! Girl on girl!"
-"Shwang! Let's watch!"
by wtfRachela August 28, 2008
2 8
a derivative a dwang
Shit, look at that fuckin' dwang
by Hain August 27, 2004
9 19