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Man, the women in this club are shuttle.

That restaurant has shuttle meals.
by Lombers May 22, 2003
Any vehicle, old or new, that someone has raised above a reasonable ride height in order to accomodate for ridiculously large rims.

Coined by Hip-Hop artist L-Treezy in the yet to be released single "Tell me how you ride" featuring Big Gully.
"Did you see that impala on 28's with a 6 inch lift?"
"Yeah I seen that shuttle"
by L-Treezy September 20, 2006
A crap that you took in the past.
I just took the biggest shuttle!
by Spencer Gibson February 17, 2007
A verb used to describe any sort of action.
Hey are you ready to blow this popsicle stand? Yeah, let's shuttle!!
by Fritzy September 24, 2006