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To get rejected, declined, especially when your hopes are up.
I asked out this guy but he shut me down. Fuck him.
by Tiffany January 05, 2004
To be shut down is similar to being burnt (see 'burn'). This occurs when the first party is keen to do something, but the second party does not want to do it with that person, so they 'shut them down'. More often than not this happens involving trying to pick up with people of the opposite sex.
Greg: "Hey sweety, will you go out with me"
Laura: "I'd really like to, but I don't think we can"
.... Greg just got SHUT DOWN!
by Gav800 September 05, 2005
When a human being or creature is in a state of nothingness. The individual has lost all train of thought and is completely useless. A victim of shutdown cannot think, has no motor skills, appearing to be much like a pilon. Shutdown is often caused after a day of vigorous activity, or simply from being lazy.
After spending the previous five hours stroking his male unit, Mark went into shutdown.
by gobrownsgo66 February 22, 2010
What congress does when it wants more attention.
Yet another government shutdown just so congress can get the news channels to pay attention to them.
by ShutdownHater October 08, 2013
ohhh, you just got shutdown, like you just got totally insulted or proven wrong.
person A: "China is SO the capital of Thailand."
person B: "nu-uh!"
person A: "yuh-huh! ask person C."
person C: "actually, BANGKOK is the capital of thailand."
person B: "ohhh, shutdown!"
by lauren August 31, 2003
Someone who is better than HotShot at EVERYTHING
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
When you try to make a good call on someone but end up looking like a tool yourself, have your comeback destryed. To try and make yourself look cool by putting someone down but then they make you look like a tool.
"Hey idot watch out for the car fag!"

"Its parked you stupid nob"

2 "Your an idot"

"Your the one that glued your nob to a vending machine"
by Michael January 13, 2005

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