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In theory it is possible that whilst 'shuffling' a deck of cards, that the cards could be set into certain favourable positions; this expression is based upon such a premise.

Said when there is a suspicion that an outcome has been obtained in a prearranged fashion, usually by a specific person, directly involved.
Bob was an expert at shuffleing the deck; he got the two hot chicks on his team, again!

comment: Hey bro, the NZ Labour party managed to get elected again in 2008 for a 4th term with their infamous tax rebate.
response: shuffleing the deck man
by mongrelbeast January 01, 2008
a slang word meaning masturbation

to shuffle the deck: to masturbate
Guy 1:man Lindsey Lohan is so hot
Guy 2: tell me about it,i was shuffleing the deck to her all last night
by ianmcphee January 19, 2006