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4 definitions by mongrelbeast

From Auckland's North Shore, in New Zealand, the shore girl is a very real phenomenon. Typically white, wealthy and arrogant, the best thing that can be said about them is Shore girl, sure thing. A typical day is spent eating, shopping, causing trouble, getting drunk and then fucking random strangers or relatives.
Their counterpart the shore boy necessarily adopts a tough posture to compensate for their Metrosexual garb. It is often said that the only way you can tell the difference between a Shore girl and a Shore buy is that the shore girl has a higher sperm count.
The Shore girl exclaimed loudly, "I've had all the cocks of Torbay in me, now onto Devonport."

The Shore girl's mum said, "Don't fuck that one, he's only got a Japanese car, you want European."
by mongrelbeast December 29, 2007
45 19
In theory it is possible that whilst 'shuffling' a deck of cards, that the cards could be set into certain favourable positions; this expression is based upon such a premise.

Said when there is a suspicion that an outcome has been obtained in a prearranged fashion, usually by a specific person, directly involved.
Bob was an expert at shuffleing the deck; he got the two hot chicks on his team, again!

comment: Hey bro, the NZ Labour party managed to get elected again in 2008 for a 4th term with their infamous tax rebate.
response: shuffleing the deck man
by mongrelbeast January 01, 2008
2 5
Sideshow Bob existed before the Simpsons, the expression is a generic term for any insignificant person. More likely to be used by a cheeky mate or a toxic friend rather than an enemy.
Who's that loser she's going out with, some sideshow Bob, no idea.
by mongrelbeast January 01, 2008
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Sidearm is a z-80? based arcade game from the late 1980's featuring 2 dimensional scrolling, and interchangeable weapons.
Some favourite late 80's arcade machines; sidearm, xevious, magmax.
by mongrelbeast January 01, 2008
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