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1 v. to excel or to do well in an activity or endeavor; to run ruckus; to conquer.

2 expl. an expletive yelled at someone to startle and disorient them

3 v. to dominate or humiliate someone, often but not always by yelling "schudel!" at him/her

4 v. to have sex with someone; syn: to fuck
Jose: "yo man I shudeled the shit out of that math test today!"
Mark: "hell yeah man, nice job!"

John: "shudel!!"
Tom: "what did you do that for?"
John: hahaha

John: "haha I shudeled the shit out of Tom the other day"
Jose: "haha nice"

Alexis: "Mark took me home and shudeled me really well the other day, it was super hot"
Becca: "Ah I'm jealous"
by Hend January 16, 2010
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