Equivalent to stupid. Originates from some accents pronouncing "stupid" as "shtoopid." Some speculate that the main accent in question is an Indian accent.
Your car is shtoop!

You're shtoop you dung-ass!
by hdsokwadls August 08, 2006
Top Definition
To make love; to have sex. (jewish version)
My brother shtooped this girl at my house last night while my parents were sleeping.

My cousin said she would shtoop Nelly.
by Ryan B January 02, 2004
Telly from kids said it a few times throught out the movie... I am assuming he mean to agree with Casper...but who the hell knows? Shtoops is an amazing word...Fuck you Weisberg!
Shtoops, i agree...
by mort December 17, 2003
synonyms: true, word, fully, no doubt
"I'd do baaad things to that girl"
by James January 24, 2004
The act of engaging in sexual activity with another individual.
I finally shtoop'd an Asian girl.
by WordDude08 July 10, 2008
a term of agreement
"that trick better not come back around","shtoops"
by deez nutz May 03, 2003
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