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Using one's toe to anally pleasure another person.
She's such a ho; she will totally let anyone shrum her.
by AshIsKindaCool March 11, 2008
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a very annoying PK who will one day die from annoying steves to much.
Shrum, shut up you stupid PK.
by Shrum January 11, 2006
a perverted sex offending teacher loving little boy who likes to play with dolls
That shrum is constantly harrassing his really nice English teacher.
by shrum January 11, 2006
Verb that means to lose a political contest. Named by Ann Coulter for Bob Shrum, who has a 0-8 record for Democratic party presidential contests when he's been involved on the campaign.
We were ahead by 6 points, but we ended up shrumming.

Did you hear about that shrummer John Kerry?
by Darkwing December 17, 2004
(v.) to defecate or excrete feces

1. feces
2. the act of defecation
Bryan read a comic book in the bathroom while he took a shrum.

by Hillary Swanson January 25, 2008

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