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noun; A contraction of shrub (as in bush, slang for female pubic hair) and stubble. Shrubble describes the unsightly remnants of inadequately-trimmed pubic hair that extends past the boundaries of a swimsuit along the bikini line, such that it is visible to the casual observer.

Also; shrubble-trouble: The condition of being afflicted with shrubble.
"I had better get a Brazilian wax so I don't have shrubble when I go to the beach saturday."

"Damn, that girl got shrubble-trouble, she'd better go home and take care of that."
by emseearr May 18, 2006
Arguments with neighbors deriving from shrub-based boundary disputes.
Dick discovered that our forsythia is four inches on his side of the property line. Now we're in for shrubble!
by donunger June 27, 2011
The pubes inside or around anus. Cannot be contained or maintained as it is a free flowing form of body hair and you can't tell it what to do.
"Aw, man. My shrubbles are fucking out of control!"
"Just shave EM' off, man"
by Spoopypizza6969 July 13, 2015

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