Some kind of generic space object. Tryptamine hallucinogenic substance sent from the interstellar void. File under mind-shattering life-altering substances that course through veins.
"Get the reverse temporal mechanism going on that," Keil sighed into tne night room.

Gabe inquired about light sabers; TYler muttered "No," but we knew from his tone and his eyes-shining in the twilight that he was kidding to us.

Keil made strange noises on the night.

He then purred.

Purring was heard throughout the room..

A cough bellowed through the room, strange utterances and mutter, Keil assuming responsibility for breaking the rope-string-pigeon-vibration undulation keystroke flash game with flying man thru tree trunk space wandering where streams of thoughts will end if perhaps in NEw Hampshire MEADOWS??

Keil found it all mushroom inspired. And so was his respiration and his comments. Yes, Gabe affirmed.

Keil just laughed-
by bjorn March 22, 2004
The Bomb
"have you seen that movie?, yeah, it's totally shroom
#shroom #bomb #deborah #hello #mushroom #awesome #sexy
by BOOBFACEMANGO July 04, 2010
a type of mushroom that makes you go craaazy
OMG that dude is acting like he is on shrooms
#shroms #insane #weirdo #emo #freak
by Uncle Georgie April 02, 2009
A drug so fucking trippy, me and my friends thought we were in an episode of Balamory
Friend: Hey man, I'm fucked on these shrooms. Where are we?

Me: Urrr... No clue man, but I think, man... That's Josie Jump's house man.
#magic #mushrooms #super mario #shroomies #balamory
by BennisMSI October 13, 2008
They Grow in cow Manure, they pick em up, wipe 'em off and we put them right and our mouths and chew them. Then you start to see things that arent there, and sometimes even go on adventures without even moving!
Yo man I ate a quarter of Mushrooms last night, i saw some fucken wild shit! It's too bad they tast like shit:(.........Make Tea ;)!
by John trask June 16, 2003
They are a type of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Can be smoked or eaten. Taste horrible if eaten though. Can cause tremendous halucinations. Seemed to me as if i were in a movie!
We ordered a pizza one day. I tried shrooms that day. We were high and put the pizza in a closet and started arguing about who ate the last slice. My table turned in to a giant spider my nigga, it was some starship trooper shit! I tried to climb out my window and awoke halfway out my window!
#shrooms #shroom #mushroom #smoking mushrooms #high shrooms
by Dorian johnson January 14, 2007
a penis that is circumsized, it is gross and nasty.
Ew, did you see that shroom?
#shroom #circumsized #gay #competitive #pissy
by ELEPHANT POWER November 13, 2010
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