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Shrillary is the nickname of former US secretary of state, former US senator, and a former renowned stand-by-your-horndog first lady Hillary Clinton. She's often referred to as Shrillary because she turns incredibly shrill anytime she's confronted with a tough question. She also has a very distinct shrill laughter. Shrillary is obviously a word play on her shrill qualities and her first name.
Shrillary is doing everything she can to cover up for Benghazi terror attack.

Shrillary is planning a run for president in 2016.
by howdayyyou September 26, 2013
Sexist slur that opponents of Hillary Clinton use, especially during the current 2016 presidential election process, to express their contempt for her.

It's sexist because it deliberately incorporates the word "shrill," a term that has been used for decades to insult and diminish women -- especially those who are gender-equality advocates or women's rights advocates, and those who try to assert themselves in a public place such as a political event, online forum or the workplace. It does so by implying that all women's voices exhibit a high, unpleasant, grating sound whenever a woman speaks seriously (as opposed to flirting with, sucking up to or putting on the charm with men).
He's voting for that man-eating bitch, Shrillary. What a cuck.
by alksdfj June 04, 2016
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