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Think of the coolest greatest most intelligent person you have ever met. THEN DOUBLE THAT. thats how spectacular shrey is. do not underestimate the shrey. the shrey is always better than you. Shrey is superior to all. no matter how hard you try you will never be as good as the shrey.
I was down the street and i saw Shrey I tried to go beat him up but as i was running towards him i tripped on a rock and he laughed at me. amazing
by Booty man booty man booty man October 16, 2013
shrey means credit for a good work
aaj mughe ache kaam ka shrey mila hai
by shrey January 31, 2005
A small gay woman.
I was walking down the street one day and I saw a shrey. I tried to beat him up but tripped on a rock and he laughed at me. I knew it was all okay though, because he was a Shrey.
by BigBootyJudy1 April 02, 2014
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