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underpants (often with a pejorative inference to the effect that the said garment is in well-worn or torn condition).
by Andy Davidson March 07, 2003
The art of epic shreddage.

Straight up honey badgering that shit

Shredding to the relm of burley and back

gnarly, bad ass, legit as balls

Fucking EPIC
Sloth "How was the ride today broski?"

Badg "Oh it was mad shreddy bro! Legit as balls"
by NastyAss Honey Badg January 09, 2012
An item of men's underwear that is well past the advised periodical washing threshold.
"Cor mate, get a look at my chocolate shreddies"

"Have you got clean shreddies on?"

"I'm packing some serious shreddies guys"
by BigMuffExpress January 19, 2012
Code word for grinded weed.
"Yeah I got some shreddies"

"Put some of those shreddies in the bowl"
by 0User May 22, 2016
The bits and pieces of toilet paper and anus hairs that are left on a toilet seat after the wiping process is completed. It is bad etiquette to not wipe up your shreddies post-poo.
As Jack sat down he could feel Jim's shreddies sticking to his sweaty bum.

Please wipe up your shreddies after you poo!
by Poopoo-man March 28, 2011
Shreddies are the art of doing a 4x4 donut either on ice in a side by side or on an ATV.

Shreddies also refer to 4x4 donuts in a jacked diesel mainly Ford or Dodge.....Chevy's seem to break everytime.
ATV --Me and jenna were ripping shreddies on slave lake till we were spinning too fast and she flew off

Truck --Me and Sarah roasted my tires off doing shreddies in a Walmart parking lot
by White Unicorn April 10, 2016
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