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showt, when something doesnt go in your favor
No Blowjob this week ? You Showt!
by Roxy March 09, 2005
16 0
when you make a fool out of yourself, mostly in a physical manner

originated in Lakenheath, UK
katie: I totally ate shit walking out of the main building today...
will: SO showt...
by ClUb TrEaSuReR October 24, 2005
10 3
To be publically humiliated or embarrassed; when something is wrong or does not go your way, you are Showt. Originated from the soccer team at RAF Lakenheath HS, UK
She was so showt when her bf dumped her
by William Roberts February 18, 2004
3 0
Used when something shitty happens to another person. Can only be used in this form, no suffixes allowed!! England's gift to NAU.
Scott: I asked this one girl to give me an eye job, but then she slapped me.

Watkins: NICE AND SHOWT!!!
by U have been showt!! May 01, 2004
3 3
Of or being Martin...
Mother fuckin SHOWT like a cock ass bitch!
Nice and SHOWT
SHOWT like a mother fucking bitch!
by John Watkins May 01, 2004
4 5