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Northern Arizona University
NAU is located in Flagstaff, Arizona
by Mountain Arizonan April 28, 2009
46 9
Pronouncing the word "now" with ummph!
I want you here nau!
by Vicious Flame March 15, 2010
26 12
NAUS - Commonly used as a clan tag on FPS games it stands for (Niggers Are Usually Slaves)

This clan tag is mainly used on mw3 XBL it has over 1000 members send Bad_karma182 a message if you wanna join.
Black guy:What does your clan tag mean
White guy:It means niggers are usually slaves
Black guy:Da fuck
White guy:learn proper english you fucking retarded nigger!!
by A Guy Who is Fucking Your Mom April 30, 2012
6 19