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a harmless banter said by the flawless, Niall Horan, meaning a group of annoying persons.

this phrase caused Niall to apologize (via Twitter) even though Gods do not have to apologize for anything.
annoying fans: omg Niall omg I love you omg bro tanks omg lucky charms omg Ireland omg crocs

Niall 'the boss' Horan: get away from me, ya shower of cunts I don't need this I'm fabulous.
by niall's-cunttt July 06, 2012
A group of cunts numbering more than 8 that are gathered in the one place. A cunt gathering or "shower". The correct collective term for cunts.
I dont want to go to Paul Pedinghams place as it usually contains a shower of cunts
by Peter Pedingham August 20, 2007
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