Showstopper(verb): The process by which an entire fist enters the vagina for pleasure. May also be used for anal pleasure. In order of least resistance to higher resistance, teaser, pleaser, shocker, spocker, Showstopper.
My buddy skipped over the shocker and went straight for the kill, the Showstopper!
by Capt. L.J. Silver August 19, 2011
The act of a person masturbating intensely and right as they are about to achieve a delicious orgasm they punch oneself right in the cock or pussy preventing oneself from jizzing.
About five minutes ago I was jacking off and right before I was about to blow my load I punched my dick so hard it was the best Showstopper yet!
by Fatt Unit April 11, 2011
When a male of the human species spontaneously defecates during orgasm. A supposedly real medical condition that will in most cases have the dubious honor of immediate ejection from the bedroom or life of a sex partner.
He was boning Janice when he dropped a "show stopper" then she kicked him out.
by erickonphoenix January 22, 2009
An abnormal, large or otherwise life-threatening bowel movement, such that all actions and interactions currently being undertaken must be put on hold (i.e. the 'show' must be 'stopped') in order to take care of one's business, lest the aforesaid movement take care of itself.
"That burrito was so big, I could tell it was going to be a real show stopper."
by "dirty deeds done dirt cheap" December 09, 2005
the showstopper is a cousin to the shocker. It involves the entire fist of a male being forcibly placed in the anus of a woman.
Some people believe in the shocker: two in the pink one in the stink... im all about the showstopper: FIVE IN THE POO!!!
by RomeShake May 25, 2009
Anything said or done to put an end to something like an arguement or match.
So we were talking about whether the Catholic sin of presumption really existed, when one of our group read 1 John 5:13 which says "...these things I write unto ye, that ye may KNOW ye may have eternal life..."(KJV) That was a showstopper.
by Betterwatchit July 09, 2006
when a femal gives oral sex to a male while the male is watching tv, and after the femal is done delivoring oral sex the male bashes her head into the tv repeatedly.
Dang i need a new tv.

me and my girlfriend did a show stopper.
by baba white sheep June 15, 2009

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