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Usually A person that shows off in the public eye and does things just for the hell of it, usually dyeing hair regally. Commonly of gay sexuality
Look over at that show pony he/ she thinks they are so cool and better then you and me
by James April 15, 2004
A highly attractive partner that one treats as an accessory.
"Look at that show pony. He's been buying that young, good-looking man drinks all night and flashing him around to all of his friends."

"I don't mind being his show pony. I know I look good. I'm not shy about reeling in the benefits."
by lolitaellen March 04, 2014
a narcissist who believes they are the best and everyone loves them heaps ( not as much as they love themselves though) but in reality they are a bitch with no friends who everyone hates.
by Noonelikesmushrooms July 25, 2016
According to Stance Houchens, a dumb blonde with big boobs. There natural environment is trailer parks and skeezy bars such as Silverado.
Naw, she ain't no showpony.
by AgeyerMon July 20, 2011
STUNNING BEAUTIFUL show pony takes my breath away............showpony
truely stunning showpony all that my eyes have seen....I lust for more showpony
by edgedwellers July 06, 2006
a variation on the donkey punch.

the partner in front (on all fours) is wearing a leash - or a belt on short notice. the partner in rear holds out a fist, and yanks the leash, causing his/her partner's head to slam into the fist.

the same results as the donkey punch are achieved, now with 50% more erotic asphyxiation.
"I dislocated my shoulder the other day, but I didn't want to NOT abuse my girlfriend, so I gave her the show pony."
by whiteywhiteness July 07, 2009
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