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a female friend who accompanies you to live musical performances
When I heard The Gaslight Anthem was going to be playing in town, I called up Tiffany because she's my show ho.
by tipsy_longstockings July 18, 2009
6 3
some one that hits all talk shows
did you se that show ho,he was on lettermen leno and kimmiel
by JOE Zoew January 21, 2008
12 4
in television show, the female character that hooks up with the most main male characters. only main characters count, any person that they have hooked up with that is not a star of the show does not count to their show ho count.
In Gossip Girl, Blair and Vanessa are tied for show ho. Each have hooked up with 3 main characters, Chuck, Nate , and Dan
by OCfangirl23 March 02, 2011
6 1