Should not have
you shouldntve banged your girlfriend's little sister, shes twelve man.
by dude asdf July 24, 2008
Top Definition
Contraction of 'should not have'.
Knowing the consequences, you shouldn't've done that.
by Charles Piehl February 27, 2005
Compound contraction of "should not have". Also see wouldn't've and couldn't've.
You shouldn't've said that, now Grandma's really mad!
by Sunob August 29, 2007
simply put, should not have
you shouldn't've gotten me that ferrari for my 12th birthday.
by fabioplaysvolleyball March 26, 2009
A contraction of "should not have." It can be punctuated many different ways (ie. should'nt've, should'ntve, shouldn't've, etc)
You shouldn'tve called in sick yesterday, there were free donuts in the break room.
by hedfones October 14, 2008
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